Twitter symbols,

small drawings to decorate special Tweets.

Twitter Symbols

1.-What is "Twitter Symbols"? Subir
"Twitter Symbols" is a simple web tool that makes it easy to publish several icons and pictures in ASCII and Unicode characters directly into your Twitter account.

2.-How it works? Subir
The Tweets you send from our text field is automatically posted to your timeline.

To add the icons just click on them and they will be loaded into the text field. Then just click on "Submit" and your message will be tweeted.

3.-How much does it cost? Subir
Nothing. The use of "Twitter Symbols" is free. If you want to help, visit the websites of our sponsors and advertisers.

4.-Do I need to register? Subir
No. You only must access with your Twitter account and allow connection to your Twitter account.

5.-Are my data stored? Subir
No. We do not have access to your data from Twitter, or the content of your account. Moreover, we use Adsense and Blogger, as reflected in our Privacy Policy.

6.-How can I install the bookmarklet? Subir
Here you have all the information needed to Install the Bookmarklet

7.-Who is behind of all this? Subir
All this is an idea perpetrated by @Ivan_RG, the same after the account @TwittBoy and responsible of blog. Also CCO (Chief Customer Officer) in Chameleon Tools (@ChameleonTools)

8.-How I can advertise? Subir
To advertise on "Twitter Symbols" requests information through the contact form.

9.-Why I can not see every pictures? Subir
Not all operating systems support Unicode characters correctly and only show a square image in place or no show anything. This, in some cases also depends on the installed fonts.

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